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Australian Sheep Grazing on Natural Pastures Provide Sustainable Products

Grazing animals, like sheep, may be part of the solution to global warming, their products such as wool and leather are much better for the environment than synthetic fibres derived from oil, such as nylon, polyester, acrylic or polyurethane, which are used widely in the fashion industry today. The products of grazing animals are sustainable and generally eco-friendly. The products of fossil fuels are not.

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How to Care for Sheepskin Ugg Boots in the Snow

It’s that time of the year when you’re packing for a skiing holiday in the snow. Do I pack my warm, comfy, ugg boots? Nothing beats uggs for comfort and warmth, especially in chilly winter evenings in the mountains, so the temptation is always there to take them, but sometimes the results can disappoint. The suede outer of ugg boots is not waterproof, however, if you do wear them in the snow here are some care tips to help protect your ugg boots and maintain their longevity.

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