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The Australian Sheep Industry is Climate Neutral

Aussie Uggs business is based on a natural material – sheepskins – a by-product of the lamb meat industry. The Australian lamb meat industry is one of the few food industries around the world that is not contributing to global warming. It is a natural, sustainable, climate neutral, industry and we are proud to be associated with it. Outlined below is information from a leading Australian research scientist at Australia’s premier research institute, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (C.S.I.R.O.),that supports these claims.  The C.S.I.R.O. is an Australian government owned scientific research organisation, with an international reputation for innovative and quality scientific research. It was established in 1916, so has been operating for more than a hundred years. In...

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Australian Sheep Grazing on Natural Pastures Provide Sustainable Products

Grazing animals, like sheep, may be part of the solution to global warming, their products such as wool and leather are much better for the environment than synthetic fibres derived from oil, such as nylon, polyester, acrylic or polyurethane, which are used widely in the fashion industry today. The products of grazing animals are sustainable and generally eco-friendly. The products of fossil fuels are not.

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