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Lambs Wool Underlay for Babies

Lambskin underlays (or sheepskin rugs) are an age old method of keeping babies comfortable and sweat free due, to the unique temperature regulating qualities of sheep wool. They can be used throughout the year, keeping baby warm in winter and cool in summer. For a better sleep for baby (and for you) lambskin baby underlays are a proven choice.

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Wool Fibres ‘Breathe’ Naturally

Natural sheepskin has a number of unique properties which make it superior to any other material used to make footwear. it is temperature 'moderating' it absorbs moisture up to 35% its own weight it is 'hygroscopic' ,that is able to absorb and desorb moisture it absorbs odours Only genuine sheepskin Ugg Boots and Slippers have these unique features.

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