Warranty & Care Instructions

Quality control
Aussie Uggs has been manufacturing sheepskin products continually since 1966. All Aussie Uggs products are handmade by a highly skilled team of Australian craftsmen and women. All products are careful inspected before dispatch to make sure there are no obvious visible defects.
Sheepskin is a natural leather product and unlike synthetic products which can be manufactured to precise specifications; with tanned leather products such as sheepskin, there can be some variation in appearance. Aussie Uggs uses the highest grade tanned sheepskins suitable for each product type, but cannot guarantee a totally uniform finish as some natural variation in wool density, skin thickness, leather strength and dye colouration will occur.
Occasionally some naturally occurring faults in the sheepskin can slip through the quality control process if they are not visible to the inspector’s eye. Sheep like any free range grazing animal will from time to time suffer injuries from grass seeds penetrating the skin, insect bites or injuries from sticks or fences etc. which result in scar tissue forming that can weaken the leather. Where evidence of this is presented within a month of purchase and the item is unfit for normal use, we will replace the item free of charge.     
Aussie Uggs products carry a 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects. To claim warranty against a manufacturing defect, it must be clear that the fault is a result of a failure in the manufacturing process and not from mistreatment during use, or a result of excessive wear. Normally manufacturing faults become apparent within the first few times the item is worn.
To claim warranty, please send a photograph of the item showing clearly the defect or concern you have, to our email address info@aussieuggs.com with your contact details – (name, phone number, email address). Also please advise the date of purchase and payment details. We will assess the photographic evidence and if accepted replace the item. If we have some doubt about the claim we may ask you to send the item back to us by regular post at your cost. We will then assess the item and advise you of the outcome. We may accept partially liability and make an offer of compensation that we consider fair, which is less than full replacement value, if we consider the fault is not wholly a manufacturing fault.   
Our aim is to always provide the customer with a quality product free of defects. Where we fall short of this objective we endeavour to rectify the matter quickly and fairly. We will not however accept liability for claims we judge to be fraudulent; or an attempt to get a free replacement on a item deliberately damaged or misused.

Care instructions
Surface blemishes may be removed by using a damp cloth or sponge and warm water containing mild detergent. Marks or stains can be removed by rubbing gently with a cloth soaked in a small amount of dry cleaning fluid. Sprinkle talcum powder on the mark to absorb any excess dry cleaning fluid. Brush gently with a wire suede brush to restore the suede pile and remove any water or cleaning fluid marks.

The suede outer of this sheepskin product is not waterproof. Care should be taken if wearing the item in snow or wet conditions. We recommend our care and cleaning products for water, oil and mildew proofing.